Unlock the Full Potential of Power BI with Advanced Skills

Gain the expertise needed to unlock valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, and drive your business toward success.

Why Train With Us?

Whether you’re a beginner in data analytics or a seasoned analyst wanting to elevate your skills with Power BI, our trainings cover all the basics you need to start creating meaningful data visualizations and insightful dashboards.

Understand the Basics of Power BI

Familiarize yourself with Power BI's interface, tools, and data import methods.

Data Ingestion and Transformation

Learn to use Power Query for data import, cleaning, and transformation.

Data Analysis with DAX

Acquire skills in DAX for advanced calculations and creating expressive data models.

Creating Reports and Dashboards

Master creating interactive and visually appealing reports and dashboards.

Telling Stories with Your Data

Use advanced features to visually represent data narratives.

Data Sharing and Collaboration

Discover secure methods to share and collaborate on your Power BI reports and dashboards.

Who Should Attend?

Whether you are new to Power BI or already familiar with the basics, our Advanced Power BI Skills training session will empower you to harness the full potential of this powerful tool.

Business analysts and Data professionals seeking to advance their Power BI skills

Data scientists and analysts aiming to uncover deeper insights from their data

IT professionals responsible for implementing and managing Power BI solutions

Managers and decision-makers looking to make data-driven decisions

Professionals involved in reporting and visualization tasks


Beginner Level
Power BI Training

What's included?

Power BI Interface & Navigation

Importing Data through CSVs & Excel Files

Build a Relational Data Model

Use DAX to create Calculated Columns and Measures

Visualizing Data with Power BI

Intermediate Level
Power BI Training

What's extra?

Everything included in Beginner Level Power BI Training

Transform Data through Power Query

Mastering Data Storytelling

Data Model Optimization

Debugging and Optimizing DAX

Advanced Level
Power BI Training

What's extra?

Everything included in Beginner & Intermediate Level Power BI Training

M-Code Scripting in Power Query

Leveraging Extensions - Bravo BI, Tabular Editor, ALM Toolkit

Managing Power BI Services and Workspaces

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