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Who are we? We are a team of Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, and Digital Analytics experts who enable organizations to become data-driven with scalability & cost efficiency in mind. Our goal is to drive informed decision-making and business growth through the strategic use of Data.
Our talented team offers a wide range of in-house capabilities from Digital Data Tracking, Data Ingestion, and building scalable Data Warehouses to Interactive Dashboards. All while focusing on user experience and modern design principles.

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Digital Analytics

Digital Data Tracking

Empower your business with in-depth digital data tracking across multiple data sources. Discover user journeys and behavioral insights that are business-critical.

Advanced Measurement and Attribution

Understand campaign and channel effectiveness with sophisticated measurement models. Improve your company's decision-making using clear insights.

Customer 360° View Implementation

A 360-degree view empowers loyalty through better customer journeys. Discover what it is, why it matters, and how to achieve it with us.

Advanced Analytics

Unearth hidden patterns with advanced analytical techniques and machine learning algorithms. Drive strategies and innovation with informed, data-backed decision-making.

Audience Segmentation and Activation

Craft tailored customer experiences and targeted campaigns with data-driven audience segmentation. Drive greater conversions by resonating with your audience.

Enhanced Server-Side Tracking

Ensure data accuracy, privacy compliance, and security with server-side tracking strategies. Utilize reliable data inputs for strategic decision-making and in-depth analysis.

Advanced Digital Data Strategy

Transform your business by crafting and executing sophisticated data initiatives, thereby harnessing digital data for strategic insights, enabling data-driven decisions that enhance performance and drive success across your operations.

Business Intelligence

Interactive Dashboard Solutions

Create engaging and user-friendly dashboards that transform data into actionable insights. Empower decision-makers with real-time trends, KPIs, and visual communication for informed strategies.

Scalable Digital-first Data Warehousing

Create high-performing Data Warehouses to centralize, organize, and manage data assets. Fuel data-driven innovations, simplify analytics, and gain a competitive edge through streamlined data access.

Advanced Analytics Reports

We empower you with sophisticated insights from intricate data in the form of comprehensive and advanced analytics reports, enabling informed decisions and fuelling your business growth.

Solutions Across Multiple Business Sectors

We have deployed 100+ reports across industries and sectors such as E-commerce, Retail, Fintech and many more... Harnessing this experience will mean more quick wins and a faster time to insights.

Data Engineering

Advanced Data Transformation

Leverage advanced transformation techniques to convert raw data into actionable insights. Empower strategic decision-making and fuel business growth.

Data Quality Assurance

Increase data accuracy and trustworthiness with robust quality frameworks and validation mechanisms. Elevate reliability in analytical utputs for informed strategies.

Optimized Data Ops Process & Automation

Drive operational excellence with leading automation technologies. Enhance workflows, allocate resources efficiently, and elevate business performance.

Real-Time Monitoring and Logging

Ensure seamless operations through real-time monitoring, comprehensive logging, and proactive issue resolution. Optimize performance and guarantee uninterrupted services.

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Case Studies

BI Self Service Data Mart & Reporting Solution

Use Case of a Leading Omni Channel Retail Client

Project for ETL in Google Cloud Platform

Use Case of a Leading E-Commerce Brand doing business across the Middle East

Data Collection, Warehousing and Reporting Solution

Use Case of a Leading School in the Middle East

Case Studies

BI Self Service Data Mart & Reporting Solution

Use Case of a Leading Omni Channel Retail Organization

ETL in Google Cloud Platform

Use Case of a Leading Middle East E-Commerce Brand

Real-time Customer Loyalty Management

Use Case of a Leading Global Skin Care and Beauty Provider

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    Data Engineering

    Harness Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data to supercharge your insights and enrich your analytics with comprehensive customer information.