A superior user experience happens by design.

Proactively discover UX opportunities with deep insight into
customer behavior and engagement.

Don’t make UX complex

Enrich & inform experimentation

Drive real-time decision-making on tests by leveraging rich behavioral and experiential data as it relates to business KPIs.

Visualize the impact of design iterations

Quantify every aspect of the user experience and get visual evidence with session replay, so you spend less time optimizing the current experience and more time innovating for the future.

Optimize the customer journeys that matter most

Heatmaps and customer journey analysis allow you to pinpoint your successes and replicate them across other journeys.


Examine and enhance your customer experience using a combination of behavioral and technical data

  • Build segments off of hundreds of out-of-the-box data points to auto-generate journey maps, dashboards, and session replay.
  • Surface points of friction–from broken journeys to confusing page layouts. 
  • Access heatmaps and engagement data directly from your browser.
  • Group segments and experiences that matter to you and trend engagement, errors, and value-driving events.
  • Cohort and funnel analysis by page group
  • Drill into feature engagement for key pages. 
  • Spot trends against your benchmarks using customizable dashboards that show historical analysis of your core KPIs.
  • Quantify the impact of a new design by correlating engagement with key business metrics.
  • Find what page content drives value for your customers on web and native.
  • Run side-by-side analysis to see how test segments engage with experiences.
  • Identify detractors on key pages that matter to your team.

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