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Dive into the future of informed decision-making with our cutting-edge Business Intelligence services. Transform raw data into actionable insights, visualize trends, and propel your business forward. Equip yourself with the power of knowledge, delivered through advanced BI tools tailored to your needs.

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Power BI

Data analytics for actionable insights, including advanced data modeling.


Visualize data intuitively, empowering your business decisions with robust data modeling.


The next-gen business intelligence platform for data modeling and transformation.


MicroStrategy empowers you with interactive data dashboards for actionable insights, enabling visualized complex data analysis and informed decision-making.

Implementation of Interactive Dashboard Solutions​

Our comprehensive solution focuses on the transformation of raw data into actionable insights. We achieve this by leveraging the capabilities of industry-leading Business Intelligence (BI) Tools, resulting in the creation of interactive dashboards that empower precise decision-making.

Key Benefits

Actionable Insights

These leading BI tools can be utilized to transform complex data into interactive insights that help to make informed decisions.

Advanced Data Modeling

The advanced data modeling features are integrated within these tools to create customized analytics solutions tailored to specific business requirements.

Discover Relationships and Patterns

These tools help to uncover the relationships, patterns, and trends in the data, unlocking fresh business possibilities.


Snowflake transforms the way you implement scalable digital-first data warehouses by providing a cloud-based, elastic architecture and effortless scalability and optimal performance for diverse data sources.

Google Big Query

Leverage Google’s serverless data warehousing solution to conduct comprehensive data analysis and exploration, optimizing your insights for informed decision-making.


Use this tool for efficient management and querying of SQL Server databases, offering a robust environment for database development and administration tasks.

Redshift Query Editor

This web-based tool for Amazon Redshift enables data querying, query history viewing, and query performance analysis within the Redshift data warehouse, enhancing your data management capabilities.

Implementation of Scalable Digital-First Data Warehouse

Analytical insights can be amplified by scaling the data warehouse in our advanced data warehousing solution.

Key Benefits

Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is achieved by paying for the resources utilized through dynamic scaling, potentially resulting in cost savings when compared to maintaining a fixed and over-provisioned infrastructure.


As the data grows, a dynamically scalable warehouse can accommodate increased data volumes without the requirement of major infrastructure changes, preventing performance bottlenecks.

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Advanced Analytics reports for your growing business

Our Data Quality Assurance and Validation Suite combines data profiling, cleansing, transformation, and validation rules to guarantee accurate, compliant data. Automated alerts, user feedback integration, and a comprehensive data dictionary ensure data reliability.

Key Benefits

User-Informed Improvements

Users' feedback is incorporated through the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to continuously enhance data quality processes, aligning with the client’s analytical needs.

Automated Alerts and Notifications

Automated alerts or notifications are set up when data quality issues are detected, ensuring timely resolution.

Streamlined Understanding and Validation

A robust data dictionary and documentation is maintained to facilitate easy understanding and validation of data assets, promoting consistency and trust.




Many more...

We have deployed 100+ reports across these business sectors

Implementing process automation can unlock operational efficiencies and enhance business performance, resulting in smoother workflows and improved outcomes.

Key Benefits

Save Time and Effort

Automation reduces manual tasks and saves resources time and effort.

Get Reliable Insights

Automated processes ensure accurate data, leading to trustworthy insights.

Stay Updated Instantly

Scheduled updates and alerts provide timely information for quick actions.

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What our clients are saying

Thanks to CONVZ solutions, we have built a flexible and powerful BI platform, covering all the company needs. All the Marketing and Business data are available daily with no team efforts, thanks to automated imports from different Data Sources. We have now a deeper knowledge of our users, from their cost of acquisition and lifetime value by channels, to the conversion funnels by source of traffic and customer segments. This results on average in a +40% improvement in marketing efficiency.

Pablo Durante

Former CMO, · Dubai, UAE

I had the pleasure of engaging Mr. Alessandro Casuccio and the CONVZ team on the planning of WEMA Bank/ALAT BI infrastructure. The outcome of our collaboration was impressive. Not only they were able to deliver on time. but they were able to. offer fully customized solutions, with both on premise and remote teams. Their experience, along with responsiveness and lean attitude has made us very confident that this will be a long term collaboration.
Konstantinos Tsanis

Former CIO, WEMA Bank · Nigeria

Alessandro and his team at CONVZ have been able to articulate an honest and constructive view of the state of our digital infrastructure at OSN. Their ability to both understand our business and drive a systematic unraveling of the opportunities for improvement. CONVZ has been instrumental to helping us build our strategy for digitization and marketing efficiency. I have yet to encounter a more experienced and knowledgable marketing analytics team.
Christian Eid

Former SVP Marketing, OSN · Dubai, UAE

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